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MerlinsMobile is a Fort Wayne based mobile PC support and Security Service that meets your needs and time at your home or business.

Computer down? Stay there! No more pulling out wires and cables and bringing your computer in to a shop and not having it for days on end. MerlinsMobile will come to your establishment or home and repair or upgrade your computer so it is up and running as soon as possible.

MerlinsMobile will also remove any virus or malware in your computer and have it working like new. ---Do you need tutorials on how to use something? ---Do you need Bitdefender Total Security for your Business or Home? ---Do you need Data Security and VPN's?

How about Arlo wired and wireless cameras from Netgear? With 1080P resolution and Night Vision. Arlo also has weatherproof outdoor cameras! It even has audio output that you can speak through the camera or listen from a remote location with an app on your phone!!! 

How about Arlo Baby? A nanny cam that can keep track of your child, sing lullabies, check temp, humidity, and VOC (air quality)! You can speak to your child from another room or use phone app to see what the babysitter is doing!

Get a good VPN below. It encrypts your communication. Keeps the bad guys out! Less than $10 a month for security. Your security is important!

Basically you connect to a secure site, then from there you get on the internet with greatly enhanced security with anonymity. Protect your identity!

These are the best VPN's below...

MerlinsMobile has you covered!! Fort Wayne Virus Removal

Fort Wayne Computer Repair

Fort Wayne PC Support

Fort Wayne PC and Home Security

Remote Support and Repair:

Let Merlin Help ---


Back to your everyday business with a correctly working computer. Fort Wayne PC Support. Simplicity with a smile;-) Contact computer expert Merlin in Fort Wayne, Indiana, for his mobile computer repair service and virus removal.                    

Do you need a PC upgrade? Newer NAS (Network Attached Storage) Technology allows you to have your own "cloud" and can stream your movies and files to any computer or TV in the world with internet capabilities!! MerlinsMobile can help!!

MerlinsMobile will talk about
your music tastes and how to implement them alone or with your PC. Nothing like the boom of a subwoofer to give your movies some great impact. Wires? Got you covered. Consult MerlinsMobile today.

Talk to MerlinsMobile about building your own gaming rig!! With neon lights and a liquid cooled CPU!! Choose your own design and color!! Or be conservative and build a powerful tower with robust Home Theater and Media Streaming through your TV, Xbox 360, or Xbox One. I love video games....

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MerlinsMobile cares about your computer and your business or family household. MerlinsMobile not only fixes computers but initiates dialog on internet safety especially for households with children. MerlinsMoble has robust solutions for "Internet Content Filtering" and various ways to prevent spyware and malicious trojans and to keep your valuable info intact and away from prying eyes. MerlinsMobile uses  Bitdefender Total Security for the best protection you can buy. Do you need an upgrade? How about a new graphics for the newest game. More memory for a faster experience?


MerlinsMobile is a friendly and courteous company. We might even make you laugh. Witty and funny are our attitudes. Experience a new company and customer service the way it should be...rewarding and product satisfaction the first time.


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